Chili’s Southwestern Egg Rolls

We just love grab and go meals, so I am constantly making these Chili’s Southwestern Egg Rolls ahead of time. These easy Southwestern rolls taste just like Chili’s and they’re easy to customize!

Copycat Chili’s Southwestern Egg Rolls

Chili’s Southwestern egg rolls are stuffed with seasoned shredded chicken and combined with cheese, corn, beans, red peppers and zesty lime juice. Fried to a crisp golden perfection and served with a creamy avocado ranch sauce.

Customize with your favorite veggies.

Add chicken and seasonings to a bowl.




Brush with water or egg to seal.

Fry in oil until golden and crisp.

Gather ingredients.

Add to a mixing bowl.

Mix until smooth.

The sauce is amazing.

Golden, crisp tex Mex chicken rolls.

Ingredients Chili Powder Diced Red Peppers Lime Juice Cilantro Chicken Breast Salt Ranch Avocado Sour Cream Black Beans Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Appetizer Cuisine: American Servings: 12

Chunky in  Kentucky

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