Salmon Bites (sushi bites)

Let me tell you, I love sushi, but I’m not great at rolling or making it. That’s why I absolutely adore these yummy salmon rice bites. They’re an easy Asian-inspired dish and the perfect fix for sushi and seafood cravings.

Salmon Bites (sushi bites)

These spicy Salmon Bites are served on a cake of lightly fried, cooked white rice and have a delicious Sriracha mayo sauce.

Rice instructions.

Salmon and sauce instructions.

Garnish with white and/or black sesame seeds.

Sushi bites are a perfect appetizer or lunch recipe.

Easy snack for sushi lovers.

Great Holiday appetizers for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Eve parties.

Ingredients Sushi-Grade Salmon Mayo Sriracha Vegetable Oil Rice Vinegar Sugar Sushi Rice Sesame Oil Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Appetizer, Main Course Cuisine: Japanese Servings: 15

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