The BEST Air Fryer Recipes

Whether you're new to air fryers or an expert, we've got the most delicious air fryer recipes for you!.

This air fryer meatloaf is a new take on a traditional favorite. Make two mini meatloaves in your air fryer, topped with a delicious sauce you won't soon forget.

AIR FRYER CRANBERRY BRIE BITES A holiday favorite, these cranberry brie bites are AMAZING.

AIR FRYER BBQ CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS BBQ chicken legs never tasted so good. Thick, juicy, and sticky- grab a wet nap for this one!

AIR FRYER BURGERS (QUICK + EASY CLEANUP!) The juiciest burgers out there are made right at home in your air fryer with little cleanup thanks to their foil wrap.

AIR FRYER SESAME CHICKEN Sesame chicken in the air fryer? Yes, please!

AIR FRYER BANG BANG CHICKEN (EASY RECIPE!) Bang Bang chicken is simply comforting and so simple in your air fryer.

AIR FRYER SWEET THAI CHILI CHICKEN WINGS (+ SAUCE) The stickiest sweet and spicy chicken and perfect for game days- you've got to try these air fryer sweet Thai chicken wings.

PUMPKIN SPICE FRENCH TOAST (AIR-FRYER) Breakfast in the air fryer? Sure thing! These Pumpkin French Toast Sticks are simple decadent.

AIR FRYER BAGEL BOATS (EASY OMELETTE BITES!) Another breakfast goodie- these bagel boats are the perfect make-ahead breakfast, especially for large families

5-INGREDIENT AIR FRYER CALAMARI {LIGHT AND CRISP} Seafood perfection is so simple with air fryer calamari. So light and crisp, you'll make this your go-to seafood favorite.

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