Black Pepper Chicken

Most weeknights, my family and I are in a rush, but we love Chinese takeout. Rather than order out a bunch, I whip up this simple skillet chicken dinner, serve with some rice and voila! Dinner is served.

Black Pepper Chicken

Sticky pepper chicken, full of flavor.

Serve with rice for an easy chicken dinner.

Stir fry pepper chicken is easy to make.

Mix chicken, pepper, salt, garlic, soy and rice vinegar.

Add cornstarch.

Coat with cornstarch.

Add garlic and onion to pan with oil.

Add in peppers, fry, then remove.

Fry chicken bits.


Combine all ingredients, heat, then serve.

Customize with your favorite peppers and veggies.

Ingredients Boneless Chicken Breasts Oyster Sauce Salt Red Bell Pepper Green Bell Pepper Onion Oil Rice Vinegar Cornstarch Garlic Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Main Course Cuisine: Chinese Servings: 4

Chunky in  Kentucky

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