Cajun Chicken Pasta- Chilis Copycat

TASTES JUST LIKE CHILIS CAJUN CHICKEN PASTAeasy to make comfort food – large enough to feed an entire family, and who doesn’t love chicken?

Cajun Chicken Pasta- Chilis Copycat

A delicious cajun spin on chicken pasta.

Crisp parmesan chicken with creamy cajun sauce on a bed of delicious pasta.

Coat chicken with egg, breadcrumbs and parmesan mixture.

Fry and set aside.

Sauté veggies, including peppers, onions and mushrooms.

For the cajun sauce: add butter and cajun seasoning.

Add heavy cream.

Add the veggies back to pan.

Add in cooked pasta.


Serve with sliced, cooked chicken breasts.

Amazingly creamy and filled with cajun flare.

You’ll definitely want seconds of this amazing chicken pasta.

Ingredients Parmesan Cheese Green Bell Pepper Onion Salt Chicken Stock Bowtie Pasta Red Bell Pepper Minced Garlic Green Oinion Butter Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Main Course Cuisine: American Servings: 5

Chunky in  Kentucky

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