Dutch Oven Pot Roast

This dish is not just tasteful, but the meat literally melts in your mouth.

It’s all gravy, baby.

Herbs and seasonings make all the difference.

Sear first side.

Sear the other side.

Deglaze with wine.

Add back meat and toss in veggies.

Add herbs.

Bake for about 3 hours.

Juicy flavor in every bite.

Don’t forget to top your roast with included gravy.

The perfect pot roast has tender and juicy meat, perfectly cooked vegetables, and a rich, silky gravy.

Melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Fall-apart roast.

Ingredients All Purpose Flour Worcestershire Sauce Red Wine Sprigs Thyme Bay Leaves Carrots Potatoes Chuck Roast Beef Broth Pepper Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Main Course Cuisine: American Servings: 6

Chunky in  Kentucky

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