Instant Pot Mexican Street Corn Recipe

This easy Instant Pot Mexican corn cooks in 2 minutes at high pressure. Top with cotija cheese and creamy sauce and it’s delish. The perfect side for cookouts, parties and summer gatherings.

Instant Pot Mexican Street Corn

WHAT TO SERVE WITH STREET CORN? – tacos – carnitas – burgers

Instructions for Instant Pot street corn.

Cilantro may be added to the sauce or as a garnish.

The magic is in the cream sauce.

LEFTOVERS – Leftover sauce– use leftover cream sauce with salsa for burgers, tacos, or for salad dressing. Keep in a sealed, air-tight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. – Leftover corn– I recommend placing cobs in a moist paper towel in the refrigerator overnight. Pressure cooked corn is best consumed the day of cooking.

SUBSTITUTIONS – Corn– sweet corn or yellow corn work best – Mayonnaise– If you don’t like mayo, you won’t even taste it in this recipe. However, you may omit it if you cannot have mayonnaise. Simply add extra crema or sour cream instead. – Cotija cheese- feta or queso fresco are great alternatives to feta and they crumble just as well

Cotija cheese is made with cows milk, is salty, and similar to parmesan cheese.

The perfect corn for BBQs and summer parties.

Cilantro and cheese are a perfect pair.

Ingredients Mayo Minced Garlic Chili Powder Sour Cream Cotija Cheese Ears Corn Lime Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Appetizer, Side Dish Cuisine: Mexican Servings: 4

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